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Singapore Visa Services

Types Of Singapore Visas

Singapore Faq's

There are 2 different types of Singapore Visa:

1) Tourist Visa

i) This visa is recommended for holiday trips, visits to relatives and/or friends, technological or scientific conferences, seminars or meetings (services provided must not be paid by organizations/corporations in Singapore, except reimbursement for expenses or per day allowances)
ii) Tourist visa holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Singapore
iii) The visa processing time is between 5 – 6 working days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays)

2) Business Visa 

Business visa is recommended for trips that are commercial in nature and is issued for a specific period of time, i.e. the purpose of your trip is to enter Singapore for a temporary business visit.

    1. Form 14 A filled by the customer
    2. Hotel and flight confirmation if booked. If not itinerary
    3. White background photo with face close up
    4. If any relatives or friends in Singapore for V39A filled by them
    5. Original passport
    6. Income proof if a business ( company registration bank statement, IT returns)

    If working ( employee id, pay slips, 6 months bank statement, IT returns)

1)Original covering letter from Indian company addressed to ‘The Visa officer Singapore consulate’,
2) Invitation letter from overseas company addressed to ‘The Visa officer Singapore consulate’

Applicants should submit their visa applications at least one month prior to their journey to Singapore.

Singapore Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa issued for up to 2 years which begins from the date of issue of the visa.
Please bear in mind that the duration of each stay in Singapore cannot exceed 30 days, i.e.
Every time you are entering the country your passport will be accordingly stamped permitting you to stay for up to 30 days.

You can apply for an extension before your current stay expires in person at the ICA building in Singapore.
The address is Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, ICA Building, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore 208718.

Singapore Visa for Indians is an eVisa.
The sticker visa has been replaced by an electronic visa in a PDF format.
An approved electronic visa is emailed to the applicant in a PDF (Acrobat Reader) format which will contain a unique identification number.
The Singapore visa can be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and presented to the immigration officer together with the passport and

In case you lose your Singapore eVisa copy or wish to reprint it, you can do so by visiting the ICA website ,

The following is a step-by-step process of how you can reprint the Singapore eVIsa on the ICA website:

  • Step 1: Go to the official ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) website, which is
  • Step 2: Scroll down further and then click the option “Status Enquiry.”

Step 3: Enter the ARN (Application Reference Number) and the TDN (Travel Document Number) and print your Singapore Visa.

alternatively contact us we will send you a visa copy.

The final decision on granting and the validity of the Singapore visa is made by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA).
Similar to any other visa of another country, possession of a valid Visa does not entitle a foreign national to enter Singapore automatically.
Granting of a visit pass to foreign visitors is determined by the officer of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at the Singapore checkpoints and each case is considered on its own merits.

Refusals by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority are quite rare. Reasons for refusals of a Singapore Visa are never given to us by the Immigration & Checkpoints authority. As far as we are aware, some of the main reasons for refusal can be if:

  1. the applicant has done something wrong during their previous stay in Singapore;
  2. the applicant has abused the visa regime or overstayed the permitted time during their previous stay;
  3. the applicant has another currently valid visa to Singapore;
  4. the applicant has already been refused a Singapore visa recently;
  5. the applicant has already applied for a visa with another agency;
  6. the photograph is not as per the specifications.